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August 20, 2015

Presenter Eric Ladley, Esquire, will provide an information packed seminar as he explores the many facets of estate planning, including the use of trusts.

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We plan for the need before it arises, so when the need does arise, you’re prepared. We think of things you may never have thought to plan for, from little things like who will mow your lawn to who would take care of you if you get sick. Our approach leaves no stone unturned.


Unlike many Law firms, we refuse to use a “Cookie Cutter”, One-Size-Fits-All Approach. Every plan we write starts from scratch, handcrafted page by page to meet your specific needs. At our law firm, no two plans are ever the same.


We know planning for the future can be uncomfortable, that's why from the moment you step foot in our law firm you can rest assured knowing you'll be treated like family. We take the time to listen to what you want for your future, and write a plan around that future.



“Friendly, efficient, dedicated people who are thorough and caring. Thank you for helping us organize and plan for the future.”

"What I liked best about Steinbacher & Stahl was the wonderful staff, the warmth and caring. Putting up with my questions and phone calls. Thank you so much for your kindness and help throughout our process. You are not just our lawyers, but our friends, too."

"We appreciated the time you took to explain everything – sometimes multiple times. Very professional and fun too! We feel very confident in everything you managed to do for us."

Who We Are

Julieanne is a nationally recognized elder law attorney, authoring four books on estate planning and has been a speaker at over 100 national conferences on everything from trusts to taxes. Julieanne's passion lies in helping families navigate through the difficult decisions that often come with long-term care planning. In 2013, Julieanne she was named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers and the President of the Lycoming County Bar Association. In her free time Julieanne enjoys spending time with her family and diving into a good book.

Adrianne is a nationally recognized elder law attorney whose work focuses on estate planning and administration. Adrianne has co-authored three books, has been published in three law journals, and speaks at numerous conferences across the country. She is also an accredited attorney with the Department of Veterans Affairs, helping veterans seek benefits that improve their lives. In her free time, Adrianne enjoys relaxing at her home in rural Williamsport Pennsylvania with her husband John, and their three daughters Alexa, Avery, and Ashland.

Our Team

Jennifer Linn, Esquire

In 2008, Jennifer joined Steinbacher & Stahl as an associate attorney. Jennifer is an official member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and co-chairperson of the Lycoming Law Association Elder Law Committee. In her free time Jennifer enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time outdoors.

Eric Ladley, Esquire

Eric is an attorney at Steinbacher & Stahl that provides estate planning, long-term care planning, and guardianship. Pulling from his ten years in journalism, Eric loves translating clients' needs into comprehensive estate plans.

Samantha Wolfe, Esquire

Samantha is a native of Southern Pennsylvania providing federal gift and estate tax planning, wealth protection planning, and business succession planning. Samantha regularly speaks at professional and public seminars on wealth protection, taxes, and business succession.

About Us

Steinbacher & Stahl was established in 2002 by Julieanne E. Steinbacher who, in addition to being an attorney, is also a gerontologist and social worker. In 2008, long-time associate Adrianne M. Stahl, Esquire, joined Julieanne as a partner. The vision of the Firm is to provide our clients with an individual and unique plan to protect their assets for future generations while providing for their immediate and future needs. At Steinbacher & Stahl, you will be served by a team of attorneys, social workers, and legal assistants who dedicate their professional lives, day in and day out, to finding the answers to your questions. We will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have prepared for the inevitabilities of life.

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